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[ Criminal law ]


Our team of lawyers, experts in criminal defense, approaches conflicts arising in this area from a unique perspective, not limited, in any way, to a strictly criminal approach, but as a whole, appropriate to heavyweight disputes where we provide legal assistance. The added value of the firm is to address the conflict from a four-pillar approach:

  • From a substantive point of view, our lawyers have a high specialization in crimes characterized by their referral to other branches of law (blank criminal rules, such as crimes against the Public Treasury, corporate, crimes committed by public officials and employees or in the Administration, crimes related to the environment)
  • From a strictly procedural scope, we pay special attention to the right of defense recognized by article 24 of the Constitution, analyzing the specialties and particularities of the type of procedure in which we find ourselves.
  • From a corporate defense perspective, where our team rigorously analyzes the criminal procedure of the legal entity and its procedural position in it and the criminal responsibility of the latter for acts of its managers, employees or third parties.
  • From an overall approach, being clear that the criminal procedure and the treatment of the crime is nothing but one aspect of the necessary defense of the client, with projection in other judicial areas (civil, commercial and contentious  administrative), giving rise, in most cases, to the approach of related actions in other jurisdictional orders for an adequate protection of the interests of the client.

Within this criminal defense, our experience includes:

  • Advice prior to the initiation of the procedure and direction of criminal proceedings, in particular in matters of criminal liability of the legal person.
  • Crime prevention.
  • Intervention in the investigation phase, especially in cases before the National High Court and the European Delegated Public Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Intervention in precautionary measures, with special mention to the measures of article 81 of the General Tax Law in relation to tax crime.
  • Intervention in oral trial.
  • Extraordinary appeals in all instances and before the Supreme and Constitutional Courts.
  • Corporate crimes.
  • Unfair administration and misappropriation, lifting of assets, punishable insolvencies.
  • Alteration of prices in competitions and public auctions.
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury.
  • Subsidy fraud, with special reference to fraud affecting the financial interests of the Union.
  • Frauds in the private sphere.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against the environment.
  • Crimes against consumers.
  • Crimes against workers’ rights.
  • Crimes against the Public Administration, prevarication, bribery, embezzlement, influence peddling.
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