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[ Litigation and arbitration ]

  • Legal advice in the submission of disputes to the arbitration procedure.
  • Study, preparation and drafting of agreements and arbitration clauses.
  • Intervention as lawyers in national and international, institutional and ad hoc arbitration proceedings.
  • Request for appointment of arbitrator.
  • Interim measures prior to or during the conduct of the arbitration proceedings.
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • Recognition and enforcement in the national framework of foreign awards.
  • Claims for annulment against arbitral awards.
  • Comprehensive advice from the beginning of the conflict and search for pre-procedural and procedural solutions.
  • Management of conflicts between partners, changes in the distribution of capital, loss of affection societatis, separation and exclusion of partners (squeeze out), attendance to shareholders meetings.
  • Negotiation and challenge of parasocial agreements.
  • Challenge of corporate resolutions: annual accounts, appointment of directors, resolutions of boards of directors, statutory modifications.
  • Liability of directors (self-contracting, decisions contrary to the social interest, decisions to the detriment of creditors).
  • Intellectual and industrial property: action for injunction and damages; Opposition and rectification procedure before the different registries.
  • Voluntary jurisdiction for the convocation of a general meeting.
  • Litigation in matters of commercial contracts (agency, commission, brokerage, franchise, concession, distribution, sale, lease, deposit) Pre-procedural negotiation of contracts and intervention and direction of procedures of contractual liability, nullity, resolution and termination of contracts.
  • Comprehensive advice from the pre-procedural phase, intervention and direction in all types of procedures up until sentence execution.
  • Proceedings relating to non-contractual liability and damages.
  • Legal direction in procedures derived from contractis, contractual liability, resolution, nullity and termination of contracts; contract interpretation.
  • Contractual liability related to users and consumers.
  • Monetary and non-monetary enforcement processes and execution of funded or unfunded credit protection.
  • Order for payment and exchange procedure.
  • Succession processes. Partition of the inheritance, action of division, disputes between co-heirs, challenge and nullity of the will and testamentary dispositions, administration of the inheritance, usufruct for life, donations, legacies, etc.
  • Intervention in proceedings on infringement of the rights to honor, privacy and self-image.
  • Nullity and liability procedures derived from the marketing of financial products.
  • Legal direction in proceedings relating to pension funds and insurance of workers’ employment benefits.
  • Insurance procedures, relating to the compliance, termination or interpretation of insurance contracts.
  • Precautionary measures.
  • Extraordinary civil appeals in every instance and before the Supreme Court.
  • Advice to companies in crisis.
  • Phase prior to the declaration of Insolvency, pre-bankruptcy, advance agreements and refinancing agreements.
  • Filing of claims for voluntary bankrupcy and advice regarding the necessary documentation.
  • Advice regarding the assets of the bankrupt, sale, contracting.
  • Monitoring of the bankruptcy in its entirety, declaration, common phase, liquidation phase, compliance phase of the agreement.
  • Filing and defense of incidental claims.
  • Advice to creditors.
  • Advice for the documentation and application of necessary bankrupcy.
  • Intervention in bankruptcy incidents (reinstatement action, challenge of list of creditors and inventory, rescissory bankruptcy action).
  • Advice and negotiation for satisfactory agreements.
  • Liability of insolvency administrators and accountability.
Contentious-administrative process
  • Comprehensive advice in contentious-administrative litigation.
  • Filing of contentious-administrative appeals and precautionary measures.
  • Appeals against general provisions, administrative acts, inactivity of the Administration and de facto acts.
  • Appeals against home registry authorisations.
  • Challenges in electoral matters.
  • Resources in matters of public procurement, patrimonial responsibility of the Public Administration and the legislative State and agreements between Administrations.
  • Procedures for the protection of fundamental rights, issues of illegality and suspension of agreements of local entities.
  • Procedural incidental issues.
  • Enforcement of judgments and extension of effects of judgment.
  • Extraordinary contentious-administrative appeals in every instance and before the Supreme Court.
  • Mediation and resolution of intrajudicial conflicts in the contentious-administrative field.
  • Comprehensive advice on the solution of labor disputes, pre-procedural and procedural action before the social jurisdiction in every instance.
  • Intervention in collective bargaining processes.
  • Substantial modification of working conditions.
  • Hiring, firing and restructuring of staff (employment regulation files).
  • Advice on labour inspection and atypical labour relations (senior management, social administration, self-employed).
  • Proceedings before the social security, both before the social jurisdiction and before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
  • Intervention in procedures related to prevention of occupational risks, sanctioning procedures and labor liability.
  • Advice on the creation of processes of good practices, labor compliance and training.
  • Advice on flexible methods of remuneration, working conditions and social security (stock options, pension plans, insurance, etc.).
  • Review of labor contingencies (Due Diligence).
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