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[ Public and regulatory law ]

Public procurement
  • Legal advice in all phases of contracting with state, regional and local public entities, as well as other contacting and non-contracting authorities.
  • Contentious-administrative challenge in matters of public sector contracts.
  • Legal assistance in the special appeal in matters of procurement.
  • Legal assistance in other administrative appeals in matters of procurement.
  • Assistance in contracting for contractors and entities subject to Law 9/2017.
  • Due diligence in public procurement to public sector entities, whether or not they are considered contracting authorities.
Patrimonial responsibility
  • Administrative processing of claims of patrimonial responsibility.
  • Challenge in the subsequent contentious-administrative way.
  • Issuance of legal reports on patrimonial liability.
Compulsory expropriation
  • Advice in the phases of expropriation proceedings.
  • Challenge of Jury agreements.
  • Advice on the reversal procedure.
  • Preparation of opinions and reports in expropriation proceedings.
  • Claims in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
Administrative titles
  • Advice on administrative procedures enabling the exercise of activities; Concessions and administrative authorizations.
  • Processing of administrative and contentious-administrative procedures regarding concessions and administrative authorizations.
Administrative sanctioning
  • Legal assistance in proceedings of a sanctioning nature.
  • Challenge in the jurisdiction of administrative resolutions of a sanctioning nature.
Administrative procedures
  • Advice at all stages of the administrative procedure; initiation; Processing and termination.
  • Requests for precautionary and provisional measures.
  • Administrative appeals: optional appeal for reconsideration, appeal and extraordinary appeal for review.
  • Special appeals.
  • Review procedures: Declaration of nullity, declaration of harmfulness, review and rectification of errors.
  • Legal assistance, contractual review and administrative and jurisdictional actions in different sectors subject to regulation: costs; harbours; mining, forestry and agri-food sector; public works; health and pharmaceutical sector; Water and public hydraulic domain.
  • Advice and legal defense in the energy, hydrocarbons, telecommunications and transport sectors.
  • Administrative sanctioning procedures before independent bodies: CNMV, CNMC.
  • Participation in the development processes of regulatory legislative initiatives in the sector.
  • Assistance to institutions, individuals and legal entities in matters related to regulatory compliance.
  • Assistance in the creation of a Compliance body: complaints channel, ethical codes, disciplinary codes and training for managers and employees.
  • Review of compliance models already implemented.
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