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[ ADR ]


Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • Specialized advice in the submission to mediation of conflicts and controversies of a civil and commercial nature, particularly in the business and corporate field.
  • Accompaniment and legal assistance during the mediation process in order to achieve effective and satisfactory solutions that put an end to the dispute.
  • Study, review and proposal for drafting mediation agreements.
  • Execution of mediation agreements.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative mediation: negotiation and prior agreements in administrative channels; Legal accompaniment for the achievement of agreements that put an end to the controversy within a contentious-administrative procedure already initiated.
  • Legal advice in disputes submitted to private conciliation: analysis of the advisability of submitting a conflict to conciliation or another alternative means of conflict resolution; accompaniment during the conciliation phase; Proposal and drafting of conciliation agreements.
  • Intervention of the professionals of the firm as impartial conciliators specialized in Law in their different areas of practice.
Other alternative means of dispute resolution
  • Prior negotiation to reach effective solutions in conflicts and controversies in civil and commercial matters, with special attention to interpretative disputes in contractual matters.
  • Study, preparation, proposal and drafting of offers to reach agreements in order to avoid a judicial controversy.
  • Issuance of reports and legal opinions as independent experts.
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